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2009 Fishing & Charter Reports

  • August 2, 2009
  • August 1, 2009
  • August 4, 2009
  • August 4, 2009
  • August 4, 2009
  • August 4, 2009
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  • August 27, 2009

Thursday, August 27

Captain Derrick reports "Fishing was outstanding on the 8 hour trip. We set out the jigs off of Truro near Provincetown Harbor. I've never seen so many fish in this area before. There was a solid blanket of fish for two-thirds of a nautical mile. We were hooked up on bass, 20 to 40-inches, the entire time we were out there. Kirstyn never got a break in the cockpit. She has a good case of 'bass hands' (soggy and chafed)."

From the guest log:

As ALWAYS, another great day!. Thank you! ~ Angler from Westborough, MA

Tuesday, August 25

Captain Derrick reports "We had freshwater fisherman onboard for the 4 hour, which seems to be a developing trend with our Open Boat charters. It's a lot of fun introducing these anglers to the 'other side' of the sport. We set out jigging on the Shoals. Fishing was picky at the beginning of the trip. At slack water the action was great. We picked up several small keepers and some throwbacks before the fish scattered on the Ebb tide."

From the guest log:

Awesome trip with some great bass! ~ Angler from Reading, MA

Sunday-Monday, August 23-24

While we waited for Hurricane Bill to pass, Captains Marty, Derrick and Kirstyn kept themselves busy loading tuna gear and mounting the fighting stand aboard Liberty. By late afternoon we were heading out to see what the storm had stirred up in the Bay. We pretty much had the place to ourselves.

Captain Marty decided to exercise our commercial permit and went to work jigging up bass in the grass on the Shoals. Sunday is a five fish limit (per boat) day for commercial boats. The size limit is also higher than the chartering limit - a commercial 'keeper' must be a least 34-inches in length. Captain Marty and Kirstyn quickly pulled in five nice keepers. One additional fish went back as it was just shy of the 34-inch mark. We headed into Provincetown Harbor where the fish weighed in at a total of 84 pounds. We treated ourselves to dinner and a little shopping on Commercial Street before heading back to Liberty for some sleep.

We left Provincetown Harbor early in the morning and headed straight to Stellwagen. Hurricane Bill had left a little bit of a swell and some fog in his wake, but nothing uncomfortable. We set out the trolling package that Captain Eric at the Hook-Up had put together for us on short notice. Within twenty minutes, one of the port rods bent over. Obviously not what we were fishing for, but it was something heavy. As Captain Kirstyn struggled to reel in the unknown catch, I placed my bet on a giant skate - turns out I wasn't too far off. Captain Derrick climbed down from the bridge mumbling and grumbling as Captain Kirstyn reeled a large Torpedo Ray up alongside the boat. Torpedos are electric rays that can produce an electric discharge up to 220 volts. Despite his obvious dislike for this creature, Captain Derrick carefully removed our lure from the ray and released it.

We spent several more hours trolling around the Bank, occasionally spotting whales, but not much of anything else. Captain Marty moved us back into the Bay where we finally spotted tuna. At times, there were fish breaking all around the boat. Several fish toyed with the spreader bars, but never actually chomped into them. Late in the day the fish began to move North. We followed them as long as we could before we had to head home to make the tide. As we approached Rock Harbor, Captain Wayne on the Janine B out of Sesuit, who had been fishing North of us, reported that he had just taken a 53-inch tuna on a spinning rod.

Saturday, August 22

Each summer we donate a 4 hour trip to the local Boy Scout Council. The trip is auctioned off at one of their annual fundraising events. This year, the anglers aboard Liberty included the Scout Executive and the former Council President.

Captain Marty reports "The bass appeared to be spread from the North Edge to the South Edge and from the East to the West of the Shoals. We stayed in the grass patches to the East and South looking for the nicer fish. We were rewarded with a total of ten fish from 34 to 40+ inches, with just a few throw backs in the mix. Jigs worked great with the darker colors pulling in the larger fish."

From the guest log:

Thank you again. ~ Angler from Osterville, MA

Friday, August 21

Captain Marty reports "We fished for bluefish in 50-feet of water off the Path. Action was fast with fish to 10 pounds. The fish took rigs and hoochies on wire with a fast troll. A call came that bass were marked on the North Edge of the Shoals to the East of where the fish have been for the past few weeks. We got there quick, with a few extra turns of the engines. The fish were moving around on the Edge, but there appeared to be a large area of them. We jigged, using darker colors and were rewarded with fish to 38-inches."

From the guest log:

Thanks for a great day. See you again next year. ~ Angler from Centerville, MA

Thursday, August 20

Captain Derrick reports "The boats fishing the 4 hour reported that there was no sign of bass close to home so we headed straight to Provincetown. We set out the jigs along the Edge off of the Bath House. There were plenty of fish but they weren't overly hungry. We slowly picked away at them for several hours. At flood tide the action changed dramatically. For the remainder of the trip we were consistently doubled up with hungry fish. We easily took our limit of nice fish up to 25 pounds."

From the guest log:

Great Day! Thanks. ~ Angler from Plymouth, MA

Best time in 8 years. Thanks. ~ Angler from Brockton, MA

Great time. See you next year for Tuna! ~ Angler from Berkley, MA

Great Time !! ~ Angler from Berkley, MA

Wednesday, August 19

Captain Derrick reports "We hosted the inaugural trip of the "Fisher College Fishing Team" on the 4 hour. Bass fishing on the Shoals was spotty at best. There's plenty of fish, but they aren't very bitey. Our anglers picked up a keeper and a throwback before we moved up to the Path for some blue fishing. The action was good until just after the tide turned when the fish all sank to the bottom. We ran heavy rigs on them, while some other boats jigged. As long as we could get the gear down to them, the picking was good."

From the guest log:

Good time. Will do again. ~ Fisher College Fishing Team, Boston, MA

Tuesday, August 18

Captain Kirstyn reports. "There's a mixed bag of bluefish and bass on the Shoals. We marked a few big ones, but there's mostly small stuff. We had a slow, but steady pick of small blues and throwback bass on the 4 hour trip. Our biggest bass was about 1/4-inch shy of keeper size. On our way back to the harbor we came across a group of dolphins off of Eastham. This sight is always a real treat for our anglers and a nice way to end a trip."

"We headed back out on the 8 hour for an afternoon of "R & R" with some friends visiting from Florida. We started out with some fishing, of course. Picked up some big bluefish trolling hoochies and a few nice bass clamming before we anchored up for some swimming. Late in the day, word came over the radio that there were bass-size tuna over by the Number One. We picked up anchor and pulled out the light gear. As we approached the area, we saw a couple of stick boats that appeared to be on a chase. Derrick made the climb up into the tower to scout the area. There was no sign of the reported small fish, but there were many big tuna. We decided not to mess up our gear on the big fish and opted to simply enjoy a little 'tuna watching' instead."

From the guest log:

See you next year ~ Angler from Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

Monday, August 17

Captain Derrick reports "We had a real good day today. We started out the 8 hour trip jigging for bass off of the Cottages in P-town. We had our limit before slack water. We picked up and moved to the Path for some blue fishing. The anglers wanted to use the rigs. Lots of fish, but they were short hitting the rigs which resulted in a lot of drop-offs. We still managed to haul in a few nice fish. Our anglers wanted to try something different before the end of their trip and asked if we could try for some sea bass. We headed over to the Rock Pile in Dennis and set out worms on the fluke rigs using the spinning rods. We marked a lot of the little guys, but they just weren't interested in the bait."

"On our way back to the harbor I spotted a flock of terns working 'something.' I pulled out the binoculars and saw that there was a kite flying with the birds. Curiosity got the better of me and I chased the odd little flock down. The kite still had the string spool attached which was dragging in the water. The drag provided just enough pressure to keep the kite aloft. I circled in and let the ugly duckling glide right onto the bridge. I've stowed it away for our next tuna trip."

Sunday, August 16

Captain Kirstyn reports "The boats fishing Provincetown early in the morning were reporting good bass fishing. The anglers onboard for the 8 hour trip wanted bass, so we bypassed the Shoals and headed straight to P-town. We initially started out tubing, but it wasn't very productive. As soon as we put the anglers to work jigging we hooked up. The action slowed down briefly at slack water, but picked up as soon as the flood tide started. We took a lot of nice keepers. The anglers chose to release a lot of them, hoping that the next one would be bigger. They chose wisely and limited out on some real nice fish up to 42-inches."

Saturday, August 15

Captain Derrick reports "We had a lot of bluefish action rigging in the deep water North of the Shoals on the 5 hour trip. There were about 30 fish in the box at the end of the day. We could have had more, but we were working at the bass. We were seeing bass all day, but we couldn't get them to eat. The reports out of Provincetown are pretty much the same - the bass are there, but they aren't hungry."

Captains Marty and Derrick dropped the anglers off in Sesuit and then shot across the Bay to pickup Captain Kirstyn and the Purser for dinner off-shore. Thursdays' 8 hour anglers left a new piece of equipment onboard for Captain Kirstyn and she was eager to try it out. After some rigorous trials, she declared "This thing is awesome!"

Friday, August 14

Captain Marty reports "We headed up to Provincetown for today's 8 hour trip. The bass bit well on the ebbing tide. We took half a dozen keepers, up to 36-inches, throwbacks and bluefish. The action went dead on the flood tide. We were marking plenty of fish, there just was no bite."

From the guest log:

12+ fish! Thank you ~ Angler from Scotia, NY

Amazing time. Will be back again. Thanks. ~ Angler from Kingston, NY

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Thursday, August 13

Captain Derrick reports "There was plenty of big fish to be caught in Provincetown for the morning 8 hour. We took some nice fish, up to 40-inches, along the Edge on the ebb tide. The action fell off at slack water and the picking was slow after the tide change."

"We started the 4 hour off in the deep water for some blue fishing. We worked our way to the West end of the Shoals and picked up a few nice keepers, up to 38-inches, towards the end of the trip."

From the guest log:

As Usual: Great Trip ~ Angler from Canton, MA

Lots of Keepers. Another great time. ~ Angler from Foxboro, MA

First time. Great time. Will be back. ~ Angler from Palmer, MA

Monday, August 10

Captain Derrick reports "We had great fishing up in Provincetown on the early morning 8 hour trip. We jigged up some real nice bass. Our anglers were up for 'something different' so we drifted eels for a while. The dogfish and blues beat the bass to the eels, but the guys had a great time reeling them in on the light tackle."

"We headed out to the South edge of the Shoals for the 4 hour trip. Our anglers were very young, so we set out the rigs and trolled for small bass. The action was pretty much non-stop. We often had two and three fish on a rig."


From the guest log:

Fish on! ~ Angler from New Orleans, LA

Good day of fishing ~ Angler from Douglas, MA

Thanks! Cool Captain & Deckhand! ~ Angler from Huntington Beach, CA

Sunday, August 9

Captain Marty reports "It was a perfect day for a run to Provincetown to fish the Edge outside the Bath House. The wind was moderate and the early morning sailing time put us there at dawn and at the right tide. We caught bass fairly steady from the time we set out. After getting our limit of bass up to 38-inches, we left to search for bluefish which we found off the Path in 20-feet of water. The fish were marking and slicking up but were not overly hungry. We did manage to get a few, which allowed all tastes to be satisfied."

Captain Derrick reports "We're still jigging through the small bass on the Shoals on the 4 hour trips. We did pick up a keeper before the day was over. The bluefish have left the area. We'll have to track them down again."

From the guest log:

Awesome. Love the new boat. ~ Angler from Chicopee, MA

Every year. ~ Angler from Pittsfield, MA

Saturday, August 8

Captain Marty reports "Caught Bluefish in the deep water North of the Shoals. There were schools of blues and schools of bass. The bass would not eat. After the change of tide the fish disappeared. Moved to the shoals on the West end and found small bass and small keepers. Our young anglers had fun with both the blues and the bass."

From the guest log:

Different vessel, same crew, same results! ~ Angler from East Milton, MA

Thursday, August 6

Captain Derrick reports "It's like bluefishing, but with bass. There are a ton of small bass on the Shoals. We had non-stop action with the small fish. We tried to get away from them for a while, hoping to find some bigger fish. We managed to find one keeper before the small stuff caught up to us again."

Wednesday, August 5

Captain Kirstyn reports "We had young anglers onboard for the 4 hour trip. They wanted action, so we trolled hoochies near Great Island, up at the Wellfleet/Truro area. We had consistent bluefish action throughout the entire trip. The anglers had, at most, a few five minute breaks between hookups. We also had a chance to do a little seal watching. The Point is a popular haul-out spot for seals. We saw several dozen of them basking on the beach."

From the guest log:

Terrific as always ~ Angler from Boston, MA

Tuesday, August 4

Captain Derrick reports "Fishing on the Shoals was much better today on the 4 hour. Lot's of throwbacks and occasional keepers. There's a few bluefish in the mix, too. Lot's of action at slack water then it gradually dropped off towards the end of the trip."

"We finally got to make the run up to Provincetown during the afternoon 6 hour. Commercial season is open and there were a lot of boats out there. The commercial guys drift live eels and it's a real challenge maneuvering around them to get on the fish. Despite the congestion, the fishing is fantastic. There's a lot of good size fish. Our anglers took home six keepers and a couple of bluefish."

From the guest log:

Great weather, great boat. See you next year. ~ Angler from Niskayuna, NY

Monday, August 3

Captain Derrick reports "Fishing was great on the Shoals at the beginning of the 4 hour. We managed to take a keeper before the fish scattered off to places unknown. Provincetown is still the hottest spot in the Bay for bass; we need to get out on a 6 or 8 hour trip to get up there. There's still a ton of bluefish to the East; they're the best bet for action on the 4 and 5 hour trips."

Saturday, August 2

Captain Derrick reports "There's scattered stuff on the West end of the Shoals, mostly small. We had a steady pick for the whole 4 hours - wasn't fast; wasn't slow. We ended up with a few keepers and a bluefish. Blue fishing is still hot to the East; up off the Wellfleet/Truro line."

From the guest log:

Excellent ~ Angler from Toledo, OH

Fantastic! Couldn't have been better ~ Angler from Toledo, OH

Saturday, August 1

Captain Derrick reports "We had a group of avid freshwater fisherman onboard for the 4 hour. They had a ball catching bluefish and bass on the Shoals. We caught some nice keepers, but they were just as impressed with the size of the throwbacks. They were all catch and release."

"Our 8 hour anglers were participating in a fishing tournament. We've been out on this event annually for as long as I can remember. It's really grown the past few years. I think every charter boat in the Bay was involved. There was a horde of boats; you could almost walk from boat to boat all along the Edge. There was good fishing up in Provincetown; lots of fish; all different sizes - bass and blues."

From the guest log:

Perfect Day. Great Crew. ~ Angler from Chatham, NJ

Beautiful Day! Thanks to a great crew. ~ Angler from Mansfield, MA

Perfect weather. Great Captain & 1st Mate. ~ Angler from Morristown, TN



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