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2009 Fishing & Charter Reports

  • October 4, 2009
  • October 4, 2009
  • October 4, 2009
  • October 10, 2009

Saturday, October 10

Captain Marty reports "We got to the Shoals before the wind came up. With the breeze and tide in the same direction, the North edge of the Shoals was completely fishable. When we arrived, the whole North edge was alive with birds feeding on bait that was driven by bass and bluefish. We set the jigs and hooked up after a few bounces on the bottom. We had fast action with bluefish and small bass until the tide turned. As the ebb strengthened, the bass became more active as did the seas. We had non-stop bass action near the end of the trip. We took one keeper about 32-inches and lost a definite 'maybe' at the stern."

"We've added trips to the schedule for next weekend. Weather permitting, we should have a few more weeks of bass fishing as the fish from up North pass through the Bay on their way South. The bluefin should stick around for the remainder of the month. Captain Don on the Osprey took a 650-pound tuna this weekend."

Sunday, October 3

No trips on the book for the weekend, so we headed out in pursuit of bluefin. We left the dock at 1:00 am Saturday morning and made a slow run to the Backside. The forecast called for some wind, but nothing significant was due until late in the day. The 'plan' was to hit the early morning bite off Peaked Hill and get back home before the wind picked up. However, with each update, the forecast changed and by dawn the wind was on us. Captain Marty decided it was just too sloppy for any productive fishing. We headed back to harbor and spent the day resting up.

Early Sunday morning the crew (minus the purser, who opted to stay ashore for a bit more resting up) headed back out. Captain Marty reports "We saw a couple of fish off of Peaked Hill, but nothing much else all morning. I decided to troll back towards the Race. If we didn't find any of the big stuff, we could always get some bass fishing in. Derrick took the helm while I went below for a nap. About a mile off of the Race, around the Gas Buoy, Derrick marked a fish pass under the boat. Kirstyn was in the cockpit tending the lines when the stern rod beside her went off. Within twenty minutes she landed a 54-inch bluefin, weighing approximately 100 pounds. It took quite a bit longer for her to clean and quarter the fish. However, she was up to the task and we took home a tote full of steaks, loins and sushi."

Friday, October 2

Captain Marty reports "We had non-stop bluefish action on the 4 hour. We took blues up to 12 pounds and some 'just under bass.' We worked the area with jigs, hoping to find some larger bass. We would have, surely, loaded up the umbrella rigs if we had set them."

The bass off of Sandy Neck have moved out which could indicate that they have started to move South. They are still in strong numbers off of the Bath House. The Shoals are loaded with bluefish and a good mix of bass.





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