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2010 Fishing & Charter Reports

  • May 16, 2010
  • May 29, 2010
  • June 5, 2010
  • June 5, 2010
  • June 13, 2010
  • June 13, 2010
  • June 13, 2010
  • June 13, 2010
  • June 19, 2010
  • June 21, 2010
  • June 21, 2010
  • June 21, 2010
  • June 21, 2010
  • June 26, 2010
  • June 26, 2010
  • June 27, 2010
  • June 27, 2010
  • June 27, 2010

June 27

Captain Kirstyn reports "We jigged the shoals on the half day. We had good steady action but there wasn't much size to them. We managed to pick up seven keepers."

Captain Derrick reports "When we first reached Provincetown on the full day, the place looked like it had been scoured. I wasn't marking a thing - no fish, no bait, nothing. Once again, the fish were meandering on and off the edge. We would make a few passes marking nothing. On the next few passes the fish were stacked up so thick beneath us that the fish finder was displaying 20' of water below us when we were in 40' - 20' of fish! Mostly bigger fish in the mix with just a few throwbacks. We took our limit with 34" to 38" fish.

From the guest log:

Caught my first fish ~ Angler from Longmeadow, MA

First time taking our dog on board. She loved it!! ☺☺☺☺ ~ Angler from Longmeadow, MA

Love seeing kids having so much fun! ~ Angler from Longmeadow, MA

June 26

Captain Derrick reports "The fish have been biting well on the outgoing tide so we headed straight to P-town on the full day. The fish were moving on and off the edge in nonsensical patterns. We spent the first few hours snagging and releasing lobsters. Eventually, the fish settled in and once they started biting they didn't stop. We consistently took 34" to 38" fish and easily took our limit before heading home."

From the guest log:

Another great day. See you in August. ~ Angler from Chicopee, MA

Very nice. ~ Angler from Chicopee, MA

YA!!!! ~ Angler from Longmeadow, MA

Beware of bananas ~ Angler from West Springfield, MA

Sweet day on the H20 ~ Angler from Chicopee, MA

June 25, 2010

Captain Marty reports "Fishing was hot off the Bath House and Race Point. The fish were hanging right on the edge which, as always made it a challenge to stay clear of the pot trawl, dodge other boats and maintain a good fishing depth. The fishing was well worth the challenge as it was non-stop action. We took fish up to 33" - nothing big, but definitely plentiful."

"We spoke with a diver that was working the edge for lobster. He confirmed that the edge was loaded with fish. In fact, the fish were so thick he was having difficulty spotting the lobsters on the bottom."

June 12, 2010

Captain Marty reports "The fishing this week has been on Billingsgate Shoals and off of Provincetown. We have primarily stayed on the Shoals and done very well on both the half and full day trips. The catch has consisted of large throwbacks and small keepers with an occasional 35" to 40" fish in the mix. We have been favoring the jigs to attract the larger fish and to prevent attracting the gannets - which will dive for anything near the surface."

June 5, 2010

Captain Marty reports "On the full day trip we fished the Northside of the Shoals starting on the edge then following the fish into the deep water. It was a steady catch with rigs. After the tide turned, another body of fish was found on the North edge to the West. Jigging produced better quality than the rigs. We took our limit, up to 36", and threw back many more keeper-size fish. "

"On the half day trip we returned to the Shoals only to find a few leftovers. Deeper water was also non-productive. Looks like the fish are on a morning feed schedule. We did manage to find a couple of small keepers, a couple of bluefish and one fair sized mackerel."

May 2010

Over the winter months, in addition to the usual winterizing and maintenance tasks, new bimini tops were custom made for Liberty's bridge and tower. New silencers were ordered and installed and a set of spurs were added to the propellers. After several weeks of cleaning and waxing, Liberty launched from Northside Marina on April 21.

We set out on a combination shakedown trip and family fishing excursion on May 16. Captain Kirstyn landed the first fish of the season - a bass.

The first charter of the season was an early (2:30 am) eight hour on May 29. Fishing was steady from the time we set out our lines. The majority of the catch were keepers up to twenty pounds.




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