Frequently Asked Questions

Catches & Regulations

What we catch and the State & Federal regulations that apply ...go

How many people in a Charter?

Maximum number of passengers, split parties and multi-boat charters ...go

Reservations & Cancellations

How and when to reserve or cancel a charter ...go

What To Bring

Recommended items to bring aboard ...go

Special considerations for young children

Suggestions to make their trip a FUN and SAFE memory ...go

Getting Here

Directions to Rock Harbor and Sesuit Harbor ...go

Site Links and Exchanges

Liberty Fishing Charters continually seeks quality web content to recommend to our site visitors. Reciprocal links are not required for inclusion on our Related Links page. Reciprocal link partnerships are only established when they are mutually beneficial.

Please read the following link quality requirements before recommending a site:

  1. Site topic must relate to 'Fishing' or 'Cape Cod'
  2. Site must be live and not under construction
  3. Site must be indexed by Google
  4. Site must have an English language version of content available

Link exchange requirements

  1. Site must be indexed by Google with a minimum page rank of 3
  2. Site must have an English language version of content available
  3. Site on which our link will appear must have an organized structure
  4. Site content must be relevant to 'fishing' or 'Cape Cod'
  5. Our link must appear on a page with the word 'fishing' in the page title tag
  6. Only a descriptive link is permitted ('click here' is not acceptable linkage)
  7. Indirect and/or third-party linking is not permitted under any circumstances
  8. Our link must be placed on an 'unframed' page. 'Framing' of any of our site pages is not permitted
  9. Our link must not appear on any page utilizing meta tags or robot.txt to prevent search engine indexing.
  10. Our link must not appear on any page with more than 30 outbound links.
  11. Our link must appear on a page accessible from the site, or related content section, homepage.

We do not link to, or permit our link to appear on, any of the following:

  1. Websites not related to fishing or Cape Cod
  2. Websites without English language content
  3. Websites with automated Free-For-All links (FFA)
  4. Adult entertainment websites
  5. Hate or warez websites
  6. Gambling websites
  7. Websites that are inappropriate for viewing by children
  8. Websites that are discriminatory or deceptive in nature or that espouse discriminatory or deceptive practices
  9. Websites that advertise or endorse questionable products or services, including those under scrutiny by consumer or law enforcement agencies
  10. Websites that knowingly attempt to download browser add-ons, pop-up generators or any computer security threat such as active spyware, viruses or worms
  11. Any non-theme website such as link farms and content-poor advertising sites, including sites whose primary content is third-party advertising
  12. Websites with undesirable behaviors such as excessive pop-ups, irritating graphics, flashing banner ads, or browser hijacking

To suggest a website or request a link exchange, email us the following information:

  1. If request is for a link exchange, provide site owner information (we do not accept requests for link exchange from third parties)
  2. First and last name
  3. Physical address
  4. Phone number
  5. Site Name
  6. Site URL
  7. A brief description to post with your link (we may edit your description if we feel it is too lengthy)

We reserve the right to deny any link request.